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01/18/2022 01:53 PM
Faith Ringgold Mural at Rikers Island to Move to Brooklyn Museum
The artist requested that her painting, dedicated to incarcerated women in the jail complex, head to the museum because of safety concerns. City officials agreed.
01/18/2022 09:03 AM
New Research Tracks Ancient Artifacts Looted by the Nazis
Scholars are increasingly focusing attention on the seizure and excavation of antiquities from Greece and other countries by German forces during World War II.
01/16/2022 02:28 PM
The Much-Vaunted American Melting Pot, Cracks and All
Columbus, the Middle Passage, the Mayflower. A thought-provoking exhibition, “Arrivals,” grapples with the myths and origin stories of how everyone set foot in this country.
01/16/2022 05:52 PM
Israeli Artist Turns Plastic Pollution Into ‘Earth Poetica’
In Beverly Barkat’s quest to connect people with nature, she found that environmental waste could be a powerful medium.
01/18/2022 04:16 PM
Hugh Hayden, Surrealist Sculptor, Addresses the Education Debate
His public art installation in New York’s Madison Square Park takes on the thorny issues roiling American classrooms.
01/11/2022 04:38 PM
He Lost Fingers in an Accident. Now It’s Inspiring His Art.
After a life-changing injury with a table saw blade, John Powers asked friends to help sculpt a solution. His project to regain his craft is the most important art he’s done yet.
01/13/2022 12:59 PM
Soot, Spit and Paper: James Castle’s Transfixing Worlds
An energizing presentation of the artist’s landscapes, interiors and sculptural objects at David Zwirner Gallery lets visitors enter his secret universe.
01/19/2022 05:57 PM
What to See in N.Y.C. Galleries Right Now
Chitra Ganesh’s painted and sewn assemblages.
01/19/2022 06:34 PM
Manhattan Prosecutors Return Two Artifacts to Iraq
The repatriations are among the first under Alvin Bragg, the new Manhattan district attorney, who is continuing the work of a dedicated antiquities trafficking unit created by his predecessor.
01/19/2022 06:20 PM
At 83, Arne Glimcher Indulges His Inner Curator
The founder and chairman of Pace Gallery is opening a new space in TriBeCa, his own “little modern museum.” Retirement? That’s not in the cards.
01/19/2022 06:02 PM
Ricardo Bofill, Architect of Otherworldly Buildings, Dies at 82
His structures were so bold, they were the backdrops for TV shows and films, including “Westworld” and a “Hunger Games” movie. But they were also socially aware.
01/19/2022 02:51 PM
Smithsonian Names New Leader of National Museum of the American Indian
Cynthia Chavez Lamar, an acting associate director, will be director of the museum, which has one of the largest collections of Native and Indigenous items in the world.
01/19/2022 12:41 PM
Theodore Roosevelt Statue Removal Begins at Museum of Natural History
The equestrian monument to Roosevelt, which has stirred protests as a symbol of colonialism and racism, is leaving its plinth, in pieces.
01/18/2022 12:00 PM
American L.G.B.T.Q.+ Museum Names First Executive Director
Ben Garcia will lead the first museum dedicated to L.G.B.T.Q. history and culture in the city, which seeks to strike a careful balance between New York and national queer history.
01/16/2022 10:18 AM
A Library the Internet Can’t Get Enough Of
Why does this image keep resurfacing on social media?
01/17/2022 01:55 PM
Edward Kirkland, Who Helped Preserve Historic Chelsea, Dies at 96
He played a less public but powerful role in creating the High Line, Hudson River Park and landmark districts in the Manhattan neighborhood.
01/13/2022 01:55 PM
Artists Respond to Jan. 6 With Brushes and Ballots
On Jan. 6, many artists shared the belief that they should respond to a national trauma. But how?
01/13/2022 02:47 PM
5 Things to Do This Weekend
Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually and in person in New York City.
01/12/2022 05:24 PM
7 Ways to Remember Martin Luther King in New York
From in-person and virtual performances to exhibitions and tours, the city offers plenty of options for honoring the civil rights leader this year.
01/12/2022 02:36 PM
Netscape Founder Gives Up $35 Million in Art Said to Be Stolen
“Why would you want to own something that was stolen?” said James H. Clark, who investigators said had been persuaded to buy dozens of looted items by a rogue dealer.