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12/05/2023 03:35 PM
Her Guide Dog Inspired Her Art, and Stars in Her Museum Show
After losing her sight in an accident, Emilie Gossiaux found meaning and art in a bond with her dog, London, celebrated at the Queens Museum.
12/04/2023 05:33 PM
Guggenheim Lays Off 10 Employees as Museums Face Fiscal Challenges
A growing number of museums around the country have raised admission fees and cut staff to try to weather the financial setbacks they have faced since the pandemic began.
11/30/2023 05:02 AM
‘Southern/Modern’: Radical Art Below the Mason-Dixon Line
In the first half of the 20th century, socially conscious artists in the South were great innovators, reflecting on race, progress and the disappearing plantocracy.
11/30/2023 05:03 AM
Grace Wales Bonner Summons the Spirit Movers in Her MoMA Show
The London-based designer’s Artist’s Choice exhibition evokes the styles, forms and sounds of the African diaspora.
11/29/2023 11:52 PM
Chicago Architecture Biennial Review: Floating Museum Aims High
The directors, who are part of an art collective, wind up stretching architecture’s net in so many directions that it begins to fray.
11/28/2023 11:56 AM
Italy Searches for Museum Leaders, With Nationalism in the Air
Last time the top jobs at some of the country’s most prestigious art institutions came up, many went to foreign candidates. This time, that’s unlikely.
11/24/2023 10:08 AM
The Met’s New European Galleries Feature 6 Must-See Paintings
After a five-year renovation, some of the museum’s grandest galleries have reopened. Our critic frames six artworks you cannot miss.
11/23/2023 11:55 AM
Sprawl, Climate Change, Fading Memories Endanger Praise Houses of the South
The Gullah Geechee fight to preserve the tiny structures, a cradle of the Black church, before they’re erased by sprawl, climate change and fading memories.
12/03/2023 07:38 PM
What to See in N.Y.C. Galleries in December
Want to see new art in New York this weekend? Check out a Picasso tribute or Duane Linklater’s painted textiles in TriBeCa; works by Nicole Eisenman and Rosemarie Trockel on the Upper East Side and Ali Cherry’s mud sculptures on the Lower East Side.
12/05/2023 02:56 PM
Jesse Darling Wins 2023 Turner Prize
The artist won the major British art award on Tuesday for works that warp commonplace items into “something you’ve never seen before.”
12/05/2023 02:42 PM
Miami Has Matured into a Cultural Capital. What Now?
Thirty years ago, the city was barely a blip on the art world’s radar. Now, partly because of Art Basel, it has become a global hot spot. But can it manage its growing pains?
12/05/2023 02:39 PM
Global Art Business Continues to Face Challenges
After struggling with the Covid pandemic, the industry is now dealing with inflation, high interest rates and international conflicts.
12/05/2023 02:33 PM
Miami Art Week Features Many Fairs to Experience
Collectors will have many options to experience in addition to Art Basel Miami Beach. Here are four standouts.
12/05/2023 02:29 PM
Seoul Takes ‘Center Stage’ in the Art World
The South Korean capital recently has seen an explosion of galleries and sales, and hosted the newest iteration of Frieze.
12/05/2023 08:01 PM
Luisa Strina, the ‘Grande Dame of Brazilian Art,’ Looks Back
Over nearly 50 years, Luisa Strina has built one of the most successful galleries in Latin America — and brought Brazilian art to the world stage.
12/05/2023 02:24 PM
The Design Show Alcova Makes Its American Debut in Miami
Alcova, a five-year-old platform for experimentalists that was founded in Italy, makes its American debut.
12/05/2023 02:19 PM
Three European Art World Insiders Weigh In on Miami’s Scene
A European artist, curator, and collector consider the upstart: Is it an art world hub? Overhyped? Or a place to grow the arts outside museum walls?
12/05/2023 02:13 PM
Calculations at Art Fairs Can Sway Money and Fame
Picking the right pieces to display at art fairs can sway money and fame.
12/05/2023 04:07 PM
Looking to the Art Fair World of 2024
Art fairs managed to survive the downturn brought about by the Covid pandemic and are on the rise again — a trend expected to continue in the coming year.
12/05/2023 01:54 PM
Artists are Drawn to Miami, a Rising Art Hub
The respect for art in South Florida has made it a “cozy” place for people to come — and stay for work and to build a following.
12/05/2023 01:51 PM
When the Artist-Patron Relationship Becomes Friendly
Collectors buy the work of a living artist in depth, and those transactions sometimes can sow the seeds of a friendship.
12/06/2023 06:06 AM
Jussi Pylkkänen Steps Down as Christie’s President
The Christie’s president Jussi Pylkkänen, who held the hammer for the auction house’s biggest sales, is leaving after nearly 40 years. Much changed in that time.
12/04/2023 07:00 PM
‘Walk on Through’ Review: Dispatches, in Song, From a Museum Novice
In his new show, Gavin Creel sings about the wonders of visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but sticks too close to the surface.
12/04/2023 11:26 AM
Mica Ertegun, 97, Glamorous Interior Designer and Philanthropist, Dies
She and her longtime husband, the music magnate Ahmet Ertegun, were once called “the virtual definition of sophistication.”
12/01/2023 05:05 PM
How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Like a Pro
Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist or agnostic about holiday decorating, these designers have some suggestions for you.
12/01/2023 05:02 AM
Their Cape Cod Home Isn’t Small, but Its Carbon Footprint Is
One Massachusetts couple decided to use the most cutting-edge green technologies in their new beach house. It was more challenging than they expected.
11/29/2023 09:30 AM
Lee Bul, Petrit Halilaj and Tong Yang-Tze to Be Featured at Met
Lee, of South Korea, will transform the facade; Petrit Halilaj of Kosovo, the Roof Garden; and Tong Yang-Tze, the Great Hall with calligraphy.