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06/05/2023 08:27 AM
Who Owns the Benin Bronzes? The Answer Just Got More Complicated.
Restitution efforts were underway, fueled by news that a museum was being planned in Nigeria to house the treasures. Then a surprising announcement sowed uncertainty.
06/01/2023 04:49 PM
With Hannah Gadsby’s ‘It’s Pablo-matic,’ the Joke’s on the Brooklyn Museum
The Australian comedian turns curator in a show about Picasso’s complicated legacy. But it’s women artists the exhibition really shortchanges.
06/01/2023 12:18 PM
Whitney Museum Sells Breuer Building to Sotheby’s
The auction house will make the Brutalist icon on Madison Avenue its flagship in 2025.
05/31/2023 04:55 AM
Iiu Susiraja: She Has Issues? No, You Have Issues
In her first museum show in the United States, this Finnish artist uses her own XL body to bring a new emotional depth to the genre of setup photography.
05/30/2023 11:10 AM
‘The Pictures Are Miracles’: How Judith Joy Ross Finds Pain and Nobility in Portraits
With a retrospective in Philadelphia, the artist is still seeking to capture a mysterious moment with a stranger.
05/24/2023 01:21 PM
Avedon at 100: Photos of Seduction
At Gagosian, Marian Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Dovima and a cast of showstoppers.
05/26/2023 09:21 AM
Want to Be an Artist? You’re in Luck. This One Is Selling His Practice.
Darren Bader is looking to cap a two-decade artistic career by selling something valuable. Not the witty and poetic sculpture he’s known for, but his own name.
05/22/2023 12:56 PM
Radical Rethinking at the Venice Architecture Biennale
Don’t be fooled by its generic title. Lesley Lokko’s “Laboratory of the Future” is the most ambitious and pointedly political Venice Architecture Biennale in years.
06/01/2023 07:59 PM
What to See in N.Y.C. Galleries in June
Want to see new art in the city? Check out Joan Brown, Giorgio de Chirico and the making of Art-Rite magazine in Chelsea, and Rina Banerjee on the Lower East Side.
06/05/2023 11:24 AM
Up Late With Vermeer, as a Blockbuster Draws to an End
At two extended viewings this past weekend, some of the last visitors saw the show at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam that many wanted to experience, but only a lucky 650,000 people could.
06/04/2023 11:29 PM
How KIRAC Trailed Michel Houellebecq From the Bedroom to the Courtroom
The art collective KIRAC was embroiled in court battles over a film about the author’s sex life. Is the dispute a performance? A marketing stunt? Or a genuine cultural feud?
06/01/2023 12:02 PM
Samuel Fosso Gets a Major Solo Show of His Photos in Paris
The photographer’s studio was destroyed during the civil war in the Central African Republic. But he built a new life in Paris, and his works are now in the collections of the world’s great museums.
06/01/2023 12:56 PM
Hipgnosis, the Album Artists Who Made Pink Floyd’s Pig Fly
The filmmaker Anton Corbijn’s documentary “Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis)” tells the tale of the London design company devoted to crafting the perfect LP sleeve.
06/01/2023 08:00 AM
Have We Smothered Andy Warhol With Our Admiration?
A survey of the Brant Foundation’s Warhols can’t fail to please — but maybe because we’ve learned to stifle the artist’s true radicalism.
05/31/2023 01:25 PM
Pottery Workshops Fill Up as People Travel to Connect Over Clay
Pottery workshops like those at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine are filling up with people who want to connect with others instead of screens.
05/31/2023 03:58 PM
For Freeman Vines, Guitar Making Is a Way of Life
“To somebody else, it’s just some wood glued together,” Freeman Vines, 80, said. “To me, it’s something else.”
05/26/2023 05:01 AM
Paris Exhibition to Focus on Art Nouveau and Beyond
Creations by pre-eminent craftsmen — Lalique, Fouquet, Vever — will be part of a show at L’École, School of Jewelry Arts.
05/26/2023 10:42 AM
Langston Hughes and Elmer W. Brown: A Collaboration Deferred
The famous poet and his artist friend wanted to publish “The Sweet and Sour Animal Book” in 1936. But there were no takers. A Cleveland exhibition makes up for the lost time.
05/25/2023 11:06 AM
‘White Balls on Walls’ Review: Time With the Gatekeepers
The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam becomes a somewhat flimsy case study for fine-art diversity and inclusion conversations in this documentary.
05/25/2023 12:35 PM
At 99, the Painter Richard Mayhew Is Still Upending Expectations
With a show in Manhattan, he says he inherited from his Indigenous forebears “inventive consciousness.”