ArtsJournal Roundup

09/22/2023 02:28 PM
Connections Between Classical Music And Heavy Metal
“Speaking broadly, I think both traditions value virtuosity and virtuosic display. Both traditions value advanced musicianship and instrumental ability, and don’t mind openly showcasing those abilities.” – Van
09/22/2023 02:05 PM
Cassette By Cassette, One Pakistani Man Is Working To Preserve Afghan Musical History
In a small audio repair shop in Peshawar, across the Afghan-Pakistani border in Peshawar, refugee Mohammed Hasan Zamri collects old commercial cassettes and sometimes makes his own recordings of escaped musicians — protecting Afghan musical heritage from the destructive zeal of the Taliban. – The Guardian
09/22/2023 01:33 PM
Deflating: Sony Downsizes Its Podcasting Division
The company says a “significant percentage” of its podcast division has been laid-off. “Like many in the industry, we are further streamlining our structure as we continue to shift our creative strategy and focus on building big audiences across a select group of ongoing shows and our subscription business.” – Inside Radio
09/22/2023 01:03 PM
Why Two Big AI Companies Are Hiring Poets And Fiction Writers
“A string of job postings from high-profile training data companies, such as Scale AI and Appen, are recruiting poets, novelists, playwrights, or writers with a PhD or master’s degree. Dozens more seek general annotators with humanities degrees, or years of work experience in literary fields.” – Rest of World
09/22/2023 12:31 PM
City Of Baltimore Tops Up Its Support Of The Arts
Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced additional investments in the arts through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for a combined total of $6.25 million focused on supporting arts and cultural institutions led by diverse artists and groups. – CBS News
09/22/2023 12:04 PM
Bollywood Star Wins Indian Court Case Over AI Use Of His Image
“Anil Kapoor (filed suit) because of the large number of morphed videos and emojis bearing his likeness going around as well as his iconic phrase ‘jhakaas‘, first used in 1985 film Yudh. The phrase, which translates roughly as ‘awesome’ or ‘wicked,’ is now protected by the court order.” – Variety
09/22/2023 11:37 AM
Quick Study: Arts Degrees and Artist Careers
In this episode of Quick Study, we consider the job outcomes and experiences of arts graduates during and before the pandemic. A transcript is available on the National Endowment for the Arts website.
09/22/2023 11:29 AM
Female Comics Say Russell Brand Is The Tip Of The Iceberg In Comedy
Six years on from the #MeToo movement, they say there remains a culture of misogyny and male privilege in the comedy industry that emboldens predators and prevents women from speaking out. – The Guardian
09/22/2023 11:06 AM
After Going Dark This Year, Cal Shakes Will Be Back In 2024 For Its Golden Anniversary
“California Shakespeare Theater plans to produce a show of its own in 2024, after operating exclusively as a rental house this year. The production, As You Like It, … will mark the company’s 50th anniversary and run Sept. 12-29 at the Bruns Amphitheater in Orinda.” – MSN (San Francisco Chronicle)
09/22/2023 10:32 AM
Skilled Craftspeople Put Out Of Work By The Hollywood Strikes Are Going Real-World
“Scenic painters who once added ‘Disney dirt’ to make walls look old are now working on actual old walls, prop fabricators who built mechanical dolls are building folding desks, and the warehouses that once supplied set decorators and prop masters with furniture are, in this lull, selling to the masses.” – Curbed
09/22/2023 10:03 AM
“We’re All Trying To Figure Out How To Get People To Care About News And She Just Saved Journalism In A 30-Second Video”
“I kind of fell into this avenue of media literacy influencing to help Gen Z get invested back into print media,” said Kelsey Russell (whose first video got 1.7 million views), acknowledging that the platform is popular precisely because attention spans are so short.” – Yahoo! (TheWrap)
09/22/2023 09:31 AM
Independent Booksellers Have Started Using TikTok As A Marketing Platform
“Bookstore owners and staffers agreed that TikTok increases their visibility when they make a concerted effort to use it. … Though it’s time-consuming to monitor and to apply tags and trending sounds strategically, those contacted for this article said sustained engagement is worthwhile.” – Publishers Weekly
09/22/2023 09:04 AM
The Louvre’s First Female Leader Wants To Give That “Giant Ocean Liner” An Overhaul
Yes, she wants to make the world’s largest museum more welcoming, relevant, and diverse. She also wants to carve an entirely new second entrance into the building (for the people who want to see more than the Mona Lisa), and that will be a serious challenge. – The New York Times
09/22/2023 08:30 AM
A Pair Of New Artistic Directors At Louisville Ballet
“Lexington-native Mikelle Bruzina and Harald Uwe Kern were named Louisville Ballet’s new artistic directors after former artistic director Robert Curran’s abrupt resignation earlier this year after nearly 10 years with the ballet.” – Yahoo! (Louisville Courier Journal)
09/22/2023 08:05 AM
Four Days After Abruptly Canceling Its Season, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Closes Down
The organization’s entire board of directors has resigned. “This means,” said a statement, “that the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony will cease all operations as of today, and will not return for any future seasons.” – Waterloo Region Record (Kitchener, Ontario)
09/21/2023 09:15 PM
Interdisciplinary Preparation in Business, Policy, and the Arts
🎭 Passionate about the arts? Elevate your love for dance, theatre, and music into leadership! Dive into NYU Steinhardt’s MA in Performing Arts Administration. Global perspectives, top faculty, and hands-on NYC experience. 🌍 Curious? Join our online info session on Oct 26! 📅 Bring your love of dance, theatre, music, or opera and desire to […]
09/21/2023 06:04 PM
What Hollywood’s Striking Workers Are Doing While The Strike Continues
The strike has taken a toll on many less visible members of the industry, who say they are now looking outside the industry for work or considering leaving it altogether. – The Wall Street Journal
09/21/2023 05:32 PM
Things Emily Dickinson Collected — Now Online
Last week, a public database cataloging all those family objects—more than 8,000 of them—went live. The unparalleled collection has been assembled by the Amherst-based Emily Dickinson Museum and stored in an undisclosed warehouse in Western Massachusetts. – The Atlantic
09/21/2023 05:01 PM
Southbank’s New Leaders Have A Plan
Mark Ball and Aaron Wright are eager to recapture that past glory and make new connections with a programme in which established artists, rising stars and rebels rub shoulders, and different, hybrid modes of presentation are celebrated. – The Stage
09/21/2023 04:32 PM
Inside The Science Of Figuring Out Crowds
Crowd science has long been working to understand how throngs can turn dangerous. It has borrowed from psychology and epidemiology, and now is also incorporating complex systems theory, physics, and physiology, combined with plentiful empirical data coupled with computer modeling. Scientists have even started turning their eyes toward the dangerous dynamics of virtual crowds. – […]
09/21/2023 04:00 PM
Inside Discontent At The Cleveland Institute Of Music
In a months-long investigation, VAN interviewed nearly 30 students, faculty, and staff at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Many spoke to VAN on condition of anonymity, citing fears of professional retaliation from CIM, and alleging ongoing legal threats by Kalmar. – Van
09/21/2023 03:31 PM
224-Year-Old Virginia Library In Danger Of Shutting Over Book-Banning Fight
The library was founded in 1799 and counts itself as the second oldest in the state. It is separate from county government even though it relies on $1 million annually from Warren County to supply 75% of its budget. – AP News
09/21/2023 02:57 PM
Melissa Barak Puts Her Stamp On Los Angeles Ballet
“I want people to see that LAB is on the road to … becoming one of the country’s leading dance companies,” she said. “Over the next few seasons people (will) really see that strong sense of a more established company, a company that Angelenos can call their own.” – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
09/21/2023 02:32 PM
A NY City Ballet Dancer Grapples With Retirement
On Sunday, I will retire from New York City Ballet after 16 years with the company. I have spent over a year preparing myself, and I am ready. But I know that I am about to give up one of my primary ways of being me. – The New York Times
09/21/2023 02:04 PM
The Eddie Redmayne “Cabaret” Will Be Broadway’s Most Expensive Revival Ever
The budget is $24.25 million, and the box office will have to take in $1,2 million a week just to pay running costs — an intimidating prospect even for a Kander & Ebb revival, and their shows (e.g., Chicago) tend to do very well on Broadway. – Broadway Journal
09/21/2023 01:34 PM
Recording Industry Is Having A Record-Breaking Year
Streaming revenue was up 10.3 percent from last year — at $7 billion, it accounts for 84 percent of music revenue in the United States. Importantly, the RIAA explicitly notes that revenue from paid subscriptions grew 11 percent to $5.5 billion, but the total number of paid subscriptions only grew 6 percent. – The Verge